How to Prevent Anchor Losses

The Anchor and the Anchoring mechanisms/procedures are the crucial stages in securing safe operations of the ship.

Anchoring a ship is a very important function that a boat or a ship has to do in order to stay stable in water. Whenever a vessel has to stay afloat in a stationary position on water when the engines are turned off, the anchor is cast into the sea so that the vessel does not drift unnecessarily from its position due to water currents.

In the recent years, there has been a hike in the damages and claims due to the loss of anchors. Also, the loss of anchors is considered as one of the top five reasons to claim insurance for ship losses. The above video helps the mariners to know what are the technical and operational challenges faced during the anchoring mechanisms.

Check out the video to know the preventive measures to be taken to avoid the ship losses.

To avoid them in future, take a look at the complete study regarding the anchor losses here.

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