CMS Launches Self-Assessment Tool For SIRE 2.0

Programs Of The System

This system prioritizes tasks for seafarers through tailored questionnaires based on their rank, offering guidance on hardware, processes, and human element preparations for different areas. It also facilitates automatic reporting, management, and categorization of findings.


OCIMF’s SIRE 2.0 initiative, the first update to the Ship Inspection Report
Programme since 1993, implements a digitalized inspection process aligning with evolving risks and technology. Kaiko Systems condensed extensive guidance into a single mobile application through collaboration with vetting inspectors and organizations.

The digital tool identifies concerns for each crew member and vessel, enhancing vetting preparation strategically and efficiently before the inspection date.

New Process

Columbia Group CEO, Mark O’Neil, emphasized the significance of crew
understanding the new processes for the SIRE 2.0 inspection program and its impact. Columbia’s collaboration with Kaiko Systems reflects their commitment to leveraging advanced technology for crew empowerment.

The Self-Assessment Tool simplifies preparation for the new regime, employing AI and self-reporting features on smartphones. This solution underscores Columbia’s dedication to providing its personnel with top-notch digital tools for optimal job execution.